Smoke Screening: Preventing Burnout with Early Detection


Have you experienced the symptoms – the lethargy, the agitation, and the dread of going to work?  Has the passion for your job waned?  Have you questioned your career choice?  Diagnosis – You could be burned out!  Healthcare workers are at a high risk for caregiver burnout.  But it’s not inevitable.  Discover early detection tools that help manage and even prevent burnout from affecting you and your patient’s health.


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You will fail as a healthcare provider if you cannot take care of yourself! Learn the necessary tools to keep yourself healthy.


Do your patients have pulmonary issues? Learn everything you wanted to know about the lungs – how they work, why they don’t, and what we can do to support them.

Medical Ethics

Is there a right and a wrong? Can a patient demand treatment? How do I handle moral distress? Find the answers to these questions and more.

1) Sick of Caring

Burnout happens. Compassion Fatigue is real. Learn how to recognize, manage and prevent them to maintain quality patient care.  

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1) Lung Basics

Learn the basics of how the lungs are supposed to function.  Coming in Summer, 2019

2) Advanced Lung Mechanics

Learn how we support the lungs when they fail using oxygen, Bipap, Vents, and more.  Great For Critical Care Practitioners!  Coming in Summer, 2019

1) Is Today A Good Day To Die?

Since its inception, the concept of brain death has been controversial.  Discover how we define and determine death by neurological criteria.  Coming Fall, 2019

2) Navigating Your Moral Compass

Not your average ethics course!  This course covers the foundations of clinical ethics using landmark cases.  A must for any clinician.  Coming Fall, 2019

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