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Improving Care by Improving Caregivers

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Improving Care by Improving Caregivers

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Narratives to Navigate Caregiver Burnout

"An enjoyable and at times, humorous ride."

- Dr. J. Bicket, MD

"A delightful read."

- Dr. K. Haas, DC

"I found myself laughing, crying, and relating to each story."

- C. Woodard MSN, RN

"A must-read for any caregiver."

- N. Tyson, MHA, RRT

About Jim

Because learning is never over.


About Jim

Because learning is never over


Improving Caregivers Through:


Motivating Growth


Learning For Growth

Life Coaching

Growing To Fulfillment

“My students really enjoyed it!”

H. Campbell


“Great class! I definitely would recommend to all nurses.”

L. Ramos

RN Nurse

“Jim is an excellent, dynamic speaker who presents complex content with ease so that all levels of learners walk away with knowledge they can apply to their practice.”

C. Woodard, MSN

RN Nurse Educator

Very entertaining yet so educational.


A. Brown


From The Blog

Taking Freedom For Granted

Taking Freedom For Granted

Independence Day is a day America celebrates its declaration to be considered an independent nation.  There have been many figures in history that have spoken of freedom.  I will take this time to address some of the most famous quotes. [Independence Day] "ought to be...

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Prescribing Suicide

Prescribing Suicide

In 1983, a young woman drove home on a country road in southwest Missouri.  Suddenly, she lost control, overturned the car, and was ejected from her vehicle.  She landed face down in a ditch over thirty-five feet away from the scene of the accident.  Paramedics...

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Balance Under Pressure

Balance Under Pressure

Pressure causes strange things to happen to our bodies.  Our bodies desire to maintain balance, and they like the status quo.  However, emotional and psychological stress puts our bodies under internal pressure.  But pressure can occur externally as well.  Changing...

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